Technology Operations is comprised of a student-based staff that works closely with four full time staff members. Students are given the opportunity to gain work-place experience which builds resumes and exposes students to industry standards.

    Want to join us?

  • If you are interested in joining the Expert team, email Edward Burns.
  • To join the Developer team, apply here. Including a cover letter as well as examples of work is encouraged.

Student Positions

// Support Team //


Experts provide Mac and Windows desktop support to users both remotely and onsite, along with other duties including special projects, server maintenance, and automation.

    Experts work with system administrators and their teammates to:

  • Maintain a fleet of hardware across campus
  • Identify, diagnose, and fix problems reported by users
  • Review the work order system to complete work as assigned and as available
  • Utilize the command-line interface, troubleshooting printer issues
  • Install and configure software on current Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Troubleshoot ethernet and wireless network connectivity and registration.

// Development Team //


TechOps Developers create and maintain web applications for departments across campus such as Residence Life, University Recreation and others. They do everything from designing the user-interface on the frontend, to writing system architecture and handling database changes on the backend.

    Developers collaborate to:

  • Design engaging web interfaces using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript
  • Develop backend architecture and APIs using Python and the Django framework
  • Identify and resolve issues within existing web applications
  • Correspond with clients to fulfill project requirements.